Take The Healthy Food in Healthcare 2015 Survey

Our colleagues at Health Care Without Harm want to hear from you about your work in bringing healthy food to healthcare by Friday April 17. Attached below is is a copy of an email sent to encourage health care facilities to complete the 2015 Survey. To find the survey itself, please go to the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2VYBS5K

Message from Health Care Without Harm:

Every other year we work to benchmark the progress health care facilities are making towards our shared vision of healthy food in health care.

Whether you are a Healthy Food in Health Care pledge signer or are doing great work at your facility, we applaud your health system’s commitment to a sustainable, healthy food system.

Please take a few moments to complete the Healthy Food in Health Care 2015 survey and share your work with us. We’ll compile all the information and share this story nationally and with key partners.

Why take the survey?

• Help us to aggregate the health sector’s story by illuminating trends, identifying best practices, and influencing supply chain partners.
• Highlight your progress in the 2015 Menu of Change Report. We will use the data and stories we collect in this new report benchmarking sustainability in health care foodservice.
• If you are pledge signer, this survey is part of your commitment to sharing your progress with us.
• This year’s survey is short and simple, and if you have already completed Practice Greenhealth’s Environmental Excellence Awards application, you can skip those questions you already answered there.
We look forward to reading your responses. And remember, the survey closes Friday April 17.


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