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Register for CleanMed 2013

CleanMed is the place to share ideas, think imaginatively, and become inspired by creative solutions. Whether you are just beginning your sustainability journey, have been measuring your practices for years, or are a supplier to the health care sector, CleanMed offers exceptional education opportunities specifically tailored for your needs. Here you’ll find agenda, session, and speaker information —continue to check in for updates!  

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ARTICLE: Green Practices a Growing Trend in Healthcare and at South County Hospital

An 82 yr old man is hospitalized after being found at home with altered mental status,  a bad skin tear to his left arm,  severe dehydration, and a badly infected foot. In the process of his 5 day stay in the hospital, physicians, nurses and aides will use more than a hundred  pairs of gloves, suture kits, multiple sterile dressings , two dozen plastic  syringes, IV catheters, fluid bags and tubing, disposable surgical gowns and drapes, and more. Now multiply that by approximately 30 million inpatient hospital stays per year in the US. Healthcare facilities contend with the disposal of biohazard, mercury, radioactive and pharmaceutical waste, as well as large amounts of food waste. Millions of gallons of cleaners are used annually in the nation’s healthcare facilities, to maintain an aseptic environment. These are just a few areas of environmental impact.

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